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At District Studios we are capable of hosting recordings from simple band ensembles up to full sized big-bands. thanks to multiple recording spaces ranging from small booths to a 120qm large hall, we can meet various needs and requirements for modern and old-school recording approaches.

We love combining the best of vintage and modern to offer the flexibility of new tech with the sound of old treasures. Furthermore we have a fantastic selection of backline available on location. Check out our detailed GEAR LIST for what we can bring to the table.


Often plain music recordings don’t do it and you want your performance on video or shoot an entire music video; make an artist portrait or just capture some shots of things that make sounds. We work closely with an amazing video crew for creating all sort of music related video content. 

Check our recent Video production HERE


Though we are rooted in pure music production, we have contributed sound design work to many movies, trailers and other industry content.